Argan oil for sunbathing:the natural sunscreen

Summer is approaching and therefore we will surely go out to show off our swimsuits on our favorite beaches. But beyond going to enjoy, we must take care of the damage that exposure to the sun can cause to our body. And for that, nothing better than using argan oil.

But before knowing why thepure argan oil It will be the ideal ally for this summer, you should know that this oil is a natural cosmetic for skin care that is produced after a cold pressing process of the seeds of the fruit of the argan tree Agania spinosa, an endemic species of deserts. from southwestern Morocco.s.

This and the traditional and ancestral use that has been given to it in this country, has made it also known as theliquid gold from Morocco. It is a highly appreciated natural product in its topical application to alleviate some skin and hair diseases, as well as to eliminate wrinkles and prevent aging.

And not only that, but argan oil is also an excellent moisturizer for our skin when we are going to sunbathe or expose ourselves to it for a long time. Remember that the sun is there throughout the year and not only in summer!!

You could say that thanks to its nourishing properties, pure argan oil is an excellent supplement for sunbathing. This does not mean that we should not take other protective measures when exposing ourselves to the sun, such as the use of hats, umbrellas, light clothing or sunscreen with a high SPF if our skin is sensitive to UV rays or if we are going to expose ourselves too much to it. Sun.

Argan oil as a sunscreen

Moroccans are known to widely use argan oil to treat acne, joint pain, and even to combat psoriasis, among other uses. However, in the world of the cosmetic industry its use in sunscreen has been increasing.

This is due to the biochemical composition of liquid Moroccan gold. Since, in addition to other elements, argan oil has monounsaturated and polyunsaturated acids, and various vitamins, which help protect us from the effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Protects and hydrates the skin

Argan oil contains 80 essential fatty acids, and tocopherols which have a proven effect as antioxidants. For this reason, it is suitable for hydrating the skin before and after sunbathing.ol.

Simply put a few drops of argan oil on your hands, and then gently rub them on the most sensitive parts of your skin, even on your face. But you must make sure that it is an argan oil of proven purity and certified by EcoCert, such asargan oil OmmBIO.

Reduces sun damage

One of the benefits of argan oil arises from the possibility of applying it to our skin before putting on some sunscreen. Helping to keep our body hydrated and minimizing the action of the sun. Even argan oil is recommended for the skin and lips.

However, it does not mean that argan oil has negative effects on our tan. On the contrary, it contains carotenoid components with 50 beta carotenes. These elements, acting together with the essential and linoleic fatty acids, will guarantee a spectacular color on your skin..

Wraps the hair fiber

You can use argan oil as a hair conditioner. It will leave you silky and shiny, helping to eliminate the static that accumulates in our hair after a day in the sun. Say goodbye to the frizz effect thanks to argan! No more frizzy hair this summer! It will be very easy for you to comb your hair even if you are in humid contexts, such as the pool or the beach.a.

This characteristic of themoroccan argan oil It is because it contains linoleic acid and vitamin E. As is known, this acid belongs to the polyunsaturated fatty acids of the omega-6 family. By acting in conjunction with vitamin E on the hair, it penetrates to its roots, the hair follicles.

There, the organic argan oil improves hair that has been damaged, and even encourages new hair to grow healthy and strong. That is why it not only helps the external appearance of the hair, but also helps you avoid hair loss. There are multiplebenefits of using argan oil on your hair.

Argan oil as a post-sun treatment

The sun makes our country walks formidable. It is also good that there is sun if we are in a stadium watching a football game, for example. And nothing different to say if we want to go fishing with our family. But in any case, when we return we notice its negative effect.

Prolonged exposure to the sun can produce annoying and sometimes even harmful side effects. Who has not felt itching or burning on the skin after several days at the beach Even if you have abused prolonged use of the sun you could suffer first degree burns on your skin.l.

This is another of the main benefits of argan oil. It also contains large amounts of squalene, a substance that many dermatologists consider the best natural element for healing wounds and deeply nourishing the skin. In fact, Moroccans already used it to heal erythrocyte and moderate inflammation.

In any case, Moroccan argan oil can also be used daily on the parts that are exposed to the sun daily. Since it nourishes our skin and repairs its damaged cells. Restoring the hydrolipidic layer, which is a mixture of sebum and sweat that constitutes a natural barrier against the action of the sun, air, or other external agents.

FAQs about argan oil sunscreen

¿I can mix sunscreen and argan oil?

Instead of mixing, it is recommended to apply a pure argan oil, such as organic argan oil, on your clean and dry skin, before applying sunscreen. This will help you hydrate your skin and prepare it for the stress that sun exposure puts on your cells.

¿Argan oil stains the skin with the sun?

No. On the contrary, by helping to hydrate the skin, it reduces its sensitivity to the sun and the possibility of the appearance of pigmentation.

¿Where to buy 100 pure argan oilo?

When exposed to the sun, it is best to treat the restoration of the skin and hair using100 pure and eco certified argan oilo. OmmBIO has for you the best offer in pure argan 100, the liquid gold of Morocco, offering you a high quality product and at the best price on the market. Buy it now with a 50 discount!to!

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