How to have sensual lips using argan oil

The lips are one of the most attractive features of the human being, since they are part of the key smile in contact with others. Therefore, maintaining healthy and hydrated lips makes us look more sensually striking. A simple and natural way to do it is with the use of argan oil for the lips, it is possible to nourish them, giving them a healthy, beautiful and sensual appearance.

Benefits of argan oil for lips

Moroccan argan oil is obtained by drying in the sun the seeds of the argan tree, a species from the Arganeraie Region in Morocco. Being a one hundred percent natural oil that does not require chemical processes to obtain it, it makes it an excellent care and restorative of the lips, keeping them fresh and healthy.

Softer and more hydrated lips

When using argan oil for the lips, you will notice that these remain soft and hydrated, thanks to the high content of fatty acids and vitamin E in argan oil. The hydration that occurs on the lips makes the skin that covers them free of irritations and breakages, which gives them softness.

More youthful appearance

Having manicured lips shows a youthful and healthy appearance. To achieve this, an adequate diet is not enough; The lips should also be helped with coatings that protect them. For this reason, Moroccan argan oil is a natural ingredient that will give the lips a more youthful appearance, helping to maintain a fresh and captivating smile.

Provides fatty acids necessary for the lips

The lips are the best business card to the world, as they frame the smile. Being in constant contact with external agents such as weather changes, the lips need extra help to show a good appearance. The fatty acids provided by organic argan oil are great allies for that careful and beautiful appearance that is sought.

Prevents dryness

You can have a nice face and beautiful lips. But, if they show a dry appearance due to the external agents that attack their delicate skin, the effect of the natural charms is lost. This encourages the use of cosmetic aids such as argan oil on the lips, as it will provide that healthy and hydrated appearance that is desired.

How to use argan oil for lips

Argan oil for the lips has a 100% natural ingredient that, by containing fatty acids and vitamin E, restores the natural moisture and hydration that they always had. Placing just two drops of argan oil on the lips, we will ensure that they are hydrated and show the healthy appearance that we want so much.

Argan oil treatment for lips

Bio argan oil for lips is so beneficial that you should only put one or two drops of the oil on your lips once or twice a day. It is advisable to purchase certified pure argan oil of organic origin, from the first pressing, without roasting and without additives. In no case do we recommend that it be mixed with another chemical product, as its concentration is usually much lower and the results can never be the same as if we use a pure, unadulterated organic argan oil.

A mix like no other

The lips lack natural oils. Therefore we must help them with external ingredients (preferably natural) for their lubrication. As bio argan oil is one of them, its use alone gives a lubricated and beautiful appearance to the lips. However, it can also be used mixed with other natural ingredients.

A natural blend to help lips appear healthy and beautiful is vanilla, sugar, and argan oil. A formula that can be prepared at home and that provides wonderful benefits to the appearance of the lips, helping to give a radiant smile.

The sugar will act as a natural exfoliant, eliminating dry skin and helping to generate new tissues. Mixed with the organic argan oil, it will give the hydrated appearance of the skin of the lips. Finally, vanilla will act as an antiseptic and aromatizing tonic, leaving an exquisite taste and smell, making them more attractive and sensual.

For this mixture, you will need half a teaspoon of vanilla, a quarter teaspoon of sugar, and two drops of argan oil. You must mix very well and then rub gently on the lips with a cotton swab dipped in the liquid. Its application should be making rotary movements for approximately two minutes. Let the mixture act and then rinse your lips with warm water.

Be sure to try this fabulous mixture that is very easy to make with natural ingredients, which will help you have beautiful and radiant lips. Thanks to argan oil, your lips will show their healthy and fresh appearance, improving your smile, raising your self-esteem and the looks of others.

Where to buy quality argan oil

If you are looking to buy pure argan oil for the lips, we recommend OmmBIO argan oil, whose purity and quality is more than a guarantee to obtain magnificent results. Discover now the qualities of this magnificent natural product and start taking care of your lips with pure argan oil with EcoCert certification from controlled biological cultures.

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