How to use argan oil to care for your beard

Although it seems unusual, men also pay a lot of attention to their appearance, and one of the most important aspects is their beard. Maintaining a thick and well-groomed beard is one of the characteristics that every man looks for. Therefore, we recommend using theargan oil for beard which fulfills both purposes.

Heargan oil OmmBIO It is a powerful natural stimulant in the treatment of your beard. Today we want to invite you to know the many benefits of using pure argan oil on your beard. You will learn how to apply it and we assure you incredible results in the treatment of your beard.

Argan oil for the beard

Known as the liquid gold from morocco”, hemoroccan argan oil has set a trend in the cosmetic world and now also in hair and beard care. Made under the highest standards of organic farming, theargan oil OmmBIO contains 100% purity, abundant in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E.

HeArgan oil It is a natural moisturizer par excellence, its application does not produce side effects and its benefits are truly wonderful. As it is obtained from the first cold pressing of the argan seed, if you apply it to your beard you will obtain the best results.

Benefits of argan oil for beard

Thebenefits of argan oil for the beard, and this is due to the natural biochemical composition that it possesses. Thisliquid gold from morocco It has a powerful combination of natural fatty acids: these being oleic and linoleic acids. These components combined with Vitamin E provide the nutrients your beard requires to maintain a healthy and, for more, enviable appearance.

Stimulates beard growth

Based on its aforementioned chemical composition, it can be said that the application ofargan oil on the beard it's a great stimulant. In addition, it is important to note that it encourages the growth of the beard where it grows naturally. For this reason, do not expect any miraculous action of the product in areas where there is no hair.

In addition to using theargan oil to grow a beard, its application will generate the growth of a strengthened, soft and abundant beard. This is because argan oil easily penetrates the facial pores, nourishing the skin and generating magnificent results.


No black spots - argan is non-comedogenic

With theargan oil OmmBIO You should not worry about side effects, since it is a totally natural and meticulously produced product. By applying theargan oil for beardyour skin will not suffer damage to its porosity and therefore it will not generate the appearance of imperfections in the epidermis, such as the dreaded blackheads that other products could generate.

Many products for cosmetic use add parabens and alter the chemical composition of the product. In this case theargan oil OmmBIO It does not integrate external agents in its preparation, so it is totally safe for use on beards and skin.

Provides fatty acids necessary for the beard

When using theargan oil for beard you will get an immediate repairing effect. For a man there is nothing more annoying than a rough and rustic beard, so we recommend applyingargan oil in your beard. This will have a rehydrating effect on both the beard and the skin, being possible thanks to the high concentration oleic and linoleic acid contained in the product.

Prevents inflammation of pores

Oilargan from morocco It is made under the strictest care and during its production the addition of external chemical components is not included. This allows the process carried out by the oil from the epidermis to the hypodermis to be completely natural. Thus, the risks of obstructing facial porosity and consequently the appearance of imperfections are reduced.

Softens the beard

The application ofargan oil on the beard It is preceded by the good results that its application has had in hair care. So the benefits ofargan oil for beardthey are similar to those produced in hair. Its use nourishes, repairs and protects, resulting in a soft and abundant beard.

How to apply argan oil to the beard

Heargan oil OmmBIO It has the particularity that it can be applied to the beard, skin or hair as a base or combined with other products. So, whether you apply it to your beard as a single product or mixed, you can make an effective treatment.

Prepare a mask with argan oil

One of the most common ways to use theargan oil for beard It is through the preparation of masks. This treatment is done periodically and is highly effective in smoothing and enhancing the growth of abundant beards.

For the application ofArgan oil On the beard with the mask method, we recommend placing a little first on the hands and rubbing it palm to palm to warm it up a bit. Then massage thebeard with argan oil circularly and wait at least 30 minutes. To remove the product, we recommend rinsing the area with argan-enriched shampoo, which we will show you how to prepare below.

Enrich the shampoo with argan oil

If you have a shampoo for washing your beard and you consider that this product is of your confidence, you can mix it with a littleArgan oil, adding a few drops into the same bottle and shaking to mix well. Take into account that if you usea natural and paraben-free shampoo you will see better results.

To rinse your beard with shampoo enriched with argan oil, just apply the mixture and rub the area for a couple of minutes. After that, a little warm water will be enough to remove the substance and have a clean and soft beard.

aceite de argan para la barba

Using argan oil to grow a beard

If you perceive that your beard growth is moderate and you want it a little more abundant, we recommend you start a treatment based on argan oil. Next, we show you how to prepare yourargan oil treatment to grow a beard. Follow our recommendations and in a short time you will be able to nourish and soften your beard in addition to pronouncing its growth.

Ingredients you need

Thanks to theargan oil OmmBIO It can be combined with other products without affecting its biochemical composition and benefits. We recommend mixing it with vegetable and essential oils for the preparation of the treatment.

Of course, as the main and base ingredient, 15 ml ofargan oil OmmBIO, and as a complement 15 ml of coconut oil and 6 drops of Hinoki or peppermint essential oil. This will be enough to prepare a lotion loaded with nutrients for your beard.

Preparation of the mixture

The preparation is so easy. All you have to do is pour all the oils into a container and stir or shake well for a few minutes. In the particular case that you buy a coconut oil in solid state, it will be enough to melt it a little in a boiler and then add the remaining ingredients.

Applying argan for the beard

Before applying theargan oil on the beard It is important that you wash and rinse it very well. After that, shake or stir the treatment in the bottle you have it to activate its natural components.

Pour a little of the mixture into the palms of your hand in small amounts and warm it by rubbing your hands. Once this is done, massage the beard with your hands for a few minutes in order to cover most of it. Make sure theargan-based treatment penetrate skin for best results.

Follow this treatment twice a week and you will have wonderful results in the growth and maintenance of your beard.

¿Lack of time Make an argan beard spraya

The daily routine may not allow you to have the time to apply a treatment ofargan oil for your beard, so you require something much more practical. In this case, we can recommend the development of an aerosol treatment, which is much simpler and faster in its daily application.

Ingredients you need

Again we will have for the preparation of the aerosol with pure argan oil as the main ingredient, we recommend having at least 30 ml. We also require 10 drops of peppermint essential oil and a tablespoon of glycerin. And finally 30 ml of mint hydrosol.

Preparation of the mixture

For the preparation of the aerosol, we recommend that you have a bottle with a diffuser or spray available, with which you can dispense the product afterwards. The preparation is extremely simple, just pour all the ingredients into the same container and shake until the mixture is homogeneous.

Argan Beard Spray

When using the argan oil based spray, we recommend washing and rinsing the beard well before each application. Subsequently, the beard is sprayed evenly until it is completely covered, a procedure that you can do daily.

Remember to wash your beard daily to prevent the accumulation of residues in the beard and guarantee a better effect of the product in terms of growth and softness.

The application of argan oil to the beard has proven to be one of the most effective treatments to increase its growth and smoothness. That is why we invite you to create your own treatment at home withpure and organic argan oil OmmBIO. Remember that theargan oil OmmBIO It meets the highest quality standards, has Bio Eco Cert certification and is 100% pure, totally natural and without additives..



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