Argan oil:everything you need to know about 'desert gold'

Heargan oil of organic origin It is known as one of those all-powerful topics in the world of aesthetics and cosmetics. The reason is that argan oil has properties that are not compared to any other natural oil. Therefore, giving argan oil a space in your beauty treatments will give you unparalleled results.

¡It is the best natural product for your hair and skin that you can get in the world! This is the reason that has motivated laboratories around the world to include argan as an active ingredient in various cosmetic products. In fact, there is endless information about the benefits ofArgan oil on our skin, hair and face.

¿You don't think it's possible Well, precisely on this website you will find all the information you need to know about the desert gold. You will learn about the origin of argan oil, how it is obtained, its types, its composition, its properties and benefits, its uses and much more. We will also dedicate an entire section so that you know how to differentiate the highest quality pure argan 100, such as that of OmmBIO, from other products of doubtful origin..

Let's talk about argan and its origins

Argan is the name given to a wild tree from Morocco. However, this tree can be found in other parts of the world, such as Mexico, Algeria, and southern Spain, but on a smaller scale. Some, more daring, have decided to bring argan to Israel to cultivate it and thus meet the growing demand.

From this tree of Moroccan origin comes argan oil udesert gold, nickname that people have given oil thanks to its properties. But the quality of the oil depends, more than anything, on the geographical area where this tree has grown.


So much so thatthe best pure argan oil It is extracted from argan crops in southern Morocco. Specifically those that have grown up between Agadir and the Atlas Mountains. This is where OmmBIO argan oil is grown and manufactured. This region of northwestern Africa offers the most favorable conditions for argan to produce good quantities of optimal fruits, thus obtaining oil of the best quality.

Knowing the argan tree

The argan tree is an ancient plant. Its presence on our planet dates back more than 60 million years. Therefore, we know that your oil is not about a modern cosmetic boom.

Scientifically, the argan tree is known asArgania spinosa. It is a tree that adapts very easily to semi-desert and arid terrain, capable of withstanding temperatures of 50 C..

This wonderful adaptation has allowed the argan tree to hibernate during long periods of drought. It removes all its leaves and does not reproduce them again until there is a favorable humidity percentage for it.

When the argan tree is in fruit, it is common to find groups of goats climbing the length and breadth of its crown that feed on its beneficial fruits.


The trunk of the argan tree is rough and has thorny branches, hence its scientific name, Argania spinosa). In addition, it can reach heights of up to 10 meters, on average, and its roots can be embedded in the ground between 5 and 20 meters deep.

On the other hand, the argan tree can live a very long time. Some records indicate that trees have been found that have lived up to 250 years. However, their average age ranges between 150 and 200 years. Its longevity is impressive, don't you thinks?

Given its incredible characteristics, it is a species of plant that is worth caring for and preserving. It is for this reason that UNESCO declared argan forests as a World Heritage Site in 1998.

How are the argan fruits

The argan fruits have a physical composition quite similar to the olives or olives that we all know. The difference is that argan is slightly larger and takes on a yellowish color when ripe.


Inside, they are fleshy and have a bone, a very hard capsule that holds the argan seeds. Generally, the pit contains 1 to 2 seeds, but up to 3 seeds can be found in larger bones.

Almost at the end of spring in the northern hemisphere, between the months of May and June, it is possible to see the argan fruit harvest.

How is the quality argan seed

Almost flat, almond-shaped and beige in color. This is how argan seeds are, which are subjected to high pressure to obtain theArgan oil that reaches our hands.

To obtain the seeds, the bones are beaten or hammered with a stone, while they are supported by a larger rock. But it's not just hitting it and that's it. It requires precision in force and direction to avoid damaging the seeds. This is a job traditionally performed by hundreds of courageous women from southern Morocco.


Keep in mind that argan seeds are very delicate almonds. That is why a lot of skill is required to hit the bone and extract them healthy and whole. Why it is so important that the seed is extracted without a scratch Because damaged or broken seeds oxidize very quickly and the argan oil that will sprout from them will not be of quality. At present there is no machinery capable of carrying out this work, which is why the women who work argan by hand are so valued in their community.d.

The quality of argan seeds will depend on its color, its place of origin and its physical state, healthy or not. These characteristics, then, will have an impact on the quality of the argan oil obtained from its seeds.s.

Ways to get argan oil

As we have explained to you, argan oil is obtained by subjecting argan seeds to high pressure. Before this, the argan seeds can be roasted a bit to produce edible argan oil. Otherwise, cosmetic argan oil would be produced. Besides this, there are three different ways to extract argan oil from its seeds.

By manual or artisan extraction

The artisanal production or extraction of argan oil occurs by pressing the seeds with a stone grinder or rotary mill. While the seeds are being pressed, water is added as desired by the grinder to obtain a paste that will then be pressed by hand until obtaining an oily mixture.


The oily mixture obtained must be left to rest until, by decantation, the water separates from the oil. After this, theArgan oil remains floating on the water and can be recovered and packed.

Through this technique, previous and current generations of Moroccan ethnic groups have obtained edible argan oil to season their food. However, tourism has also motivated the artisanal extraction of cosmetic argan oil, although it tends to expire after 6 months. The result is a quality oil, but argan production is too low yield.

Semi-industrial extraction

This type of argan oil production gets its name because it is a partially mechanized process. Obtaining the seeds is maintained by applying the manual method to prevent them from being damaged. Later they are passed through electric mills, without the need to add water. These mills rotate at low speeds so as not to heat the seed paste and guarantee the cold extraction of argan oil. The pressure of the mills on the seeds extract the purest argan oil in its first pressing, without heating or roasting it previously. This method is used by OmmBIO suppliers for the production of their oils.

The hygienic conditions of this type of production are the best and the result is much better than that obtained in the artisanal extraction of argan oil. The semi-industrial extraction provides an oil with higher yield and stability, which is why argan oil of the highest quality and best preserved is obtained. In fact, semi-industrial extraction is the method most used by cooperatives producing argan oil.

Apply solvents to obtain argan oil

Other producers use volatile solvents, such as hexane, to extract argan oil from the crushed seed paste. Hexane is used for this task because it is a hydrocarbon capable of extracting the oil from the seeds almost completely.

However, unlike the previous two processes, the solution must be heated to evaporate the hexane. The oil is then recovered and packaged for distribution and sale. This causes the properties of argan oil to be lost throughout the process, so it is not an oil that we can recommend.

Despite the above, it is a method used by large industries, it already allows obtaining argan oil at a low cost, but with properties much lower than those of pure argan oil from OmmBIO.

Differences between edible and cosmetic argan oil

After knowing how argan oil is obtained, it is convenient to differentiate it into its two types known so far: cosmetic argan oil and edible argan oil. It is important to emphasize that each type of argan oil has specific uses and therefore should not be used for different purposes.

When taking into account their different utilities, it is worth mentioning that both classes of argan oils are extracted in a similar way. The only thing that differentiates them is the process prior to obtaining it, and it is important that you know how to differentiate it. As we mentioned in the previous point, argan seeds are roasted to obtain edible argan oil. On the other hand, the raw seeds are processed to extract the cosmetic argan oil.


Edible argan oil

Members of Moroccan ethnic groups such as the Berber and their past generations have extracted and used edible argan oil from roasted seeds. We are talking then about a product, perhaps millenary, which has been used for culinary and even medicinal purposes.s.

A curious fact is that Berber women have made use of edible argan oil for cosmetic purposes, but also for skin treatments and some diseases. Especially to treat cases of acne, dermatitis and stretch marks, as well as alleviate conditions such as joint pain and rheumatism, among others.

This Berber tradition has been the subject of scientific studies, which have finally confirmed the use and medicinal properties of edible argan oil.

Edible argan oil benefits

  • It is an excellent option to season foods in a healthy way.
  • Helps fight excess cholesterol.
  • Argan oil is used to treat high blood pressure.
  • It reduces the chances of suffering from coronary heart disease.
  • Prevents cell damage.
  • Argan oil reduces the risk or involvement of cancer.

Cosmetic argan oil

Heargan oil cosmetic It emerged a couple of decades ago. Specifically in the late 90s, when the cosmetic industry turned its attention to the properties of argan oil. Unlike edible, this particular type of oil is obtained by processing raw argan seeds, so it is argan oil in its purest form.

The reason why the seeds are not roasted before extracting the cosmetic argan oil is to avoid destroying the vitamin E it contains. This was discovered thanks to different laboratory studies that determined the potential cosmetic properties of edible oil.

Today, cosmetic argan oil has many uses for beauty and relaxation treatments.

Cosmetic argan oil benefits

  • It is ideal for treating skin problems such as stretch marks, blemishes and acne.
  • The properties of argan cosmetic oil help hair care.
  • Provides hydration and protection to the skin.
  • It is a powerful healing.
  • Strengthens and gives shine to our nails.
  • It is perfect for massage.
  • It has a powerful anti-wrinkle action.

How to know if argan oil is cosmetic or edible

We have already talked about the extraction processes and uses of each of the types of argan oil. However, if you go to a place where you can buy argan oil, it is important that you know how to differentiate the edible from the cosmetic and even from traditional corn oil, so that you are not given a hoax.e.

To know if argan oil is cosmetic or edible, it will be very helpful to follow this couple of tips:

  • Watch the color:edible argan oil has a color similar to honey thanks to the fact that its seeds are previously roasted. For its part, cosmetic argan oil has a much lighter color, similar to golden yellow.
  • Smell the product: While edible argan oil has a nutty and roasted hazelnut aroma, cosmetic argan oil is practically odorless, that is, it has no odor.
  • ¿I can consume argan cosmetic oil as if it were edible?

    Absolutely not. Although edible argan oil can be used for cosmetic purposes, the opposite is not applicable. The reason is that argan oil extracted from raw seeds has a very bitter taste. This would damage the taste of any food that is seasoned with argan oil for cosmetic purposes. Also, it would take time for the stomach to process it and it could cause side reactions such as vomiting or diarrhea.

    Composition of argan oil

    Every 100 grams ofpure argan oil contain approximately:

    Essential fatty acids 99.11%)

    Unsaponifiable fraction less than 11%)

    Oleic acid: 43.8 gr.

    Vitamin E: 62 mg.

    Linoleic acid: 36.8 gr.

    Polyphenols: 5.6 mg.

    Palmitic acid: 12.6 gr.

    Carotenes: 300 mg.

    Stearic acid: 5.9 gr.

    Sterols: 160 mg.

    Squalene: 32 mg.

    Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and some minerals make up the majority of the components of argan oil. These are important for our skin to stay healthy.

    A powerful antioxidant present in argan oil is vitamin E. Its job in our body is to neutralize free radicals. In addition, vitamin E acts as an important anti-aging corrector, fighting wrinkles and aging of the skin. Thanks to its regenerative properties, the vitamin E present in argan oil helps in the regeneration and development of hair cells.

    Essential fatty acids are those that the human body does not produce on its own and needs to obtain them in some way to maintain its proper functioning. For example, linoleic acid, better known as Omega-6, is an essential fatty acid present in argan oil. It is an acid that provides excellent benefits to our skin. For example, thanks to Omega-6, it is possible to reduce acne, keep the skin hydrated and regulate skin permeability.

    Squalene, for its part, also plays an important role when argan oil is applied to the skin. It is a substance that has a structure quite similar to the natural oils of the skin. This is the key point to understand that squalene helps the skin absorb all the components of argan oil, without leaving any greasy feeling to the touch.

    Argan oil properties

    Thanks to their chemical composition,properties of argan oil are of great importance to the cosmetic industry. Among its most important properties, we can highlight:

    • It is an antioxidant: Thanks to its high content of vitamin E, argan oil is used in the treatment against aging and wrinkles.
    • Firms and smoothes: Argan oil provides hydration and essential fatty acids that the skin needs to restore its elasticity and flexibility.
    • Restructure and regenerate: A particularity of argan oil is that it has regenerative functions, important for treating blemishes and scars.
    • It is medicinal: argan oil has been successful in its applications as a treatment for certain skin conditions, among which we can mention psoriasis. However, it is important to consult a dermatologist about its use, if it is a skin disease.

    Cosmetic argan oil and its uses

    If there is one thing that characterizes argan cosmetic oil, it is that it has multiple applications. With it, we can perform various treatments for the care of the skin, face, hair and even the beard. Additionally, cosmetic argan oil has other interesting uses and applications that are worth knowing about.

    Argan oil for skin and hands

    Argan oil has a significant impact on our body skin. It is ideal to hydrate and soften the skin and, thanks to its composition, it helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy.

    In addition, the regenerative properties of cosmetic argan oil, makes its daily and regular application in areas such as the elbows, knees, hands and heels, reduce or eliminate the roughness, cracks and hardness of the skin that are common in these areas of the body . Our nails will also strengthen and regain their natural shine.


    The moisturizing and regenerative properties of argan oil are such that most plastic surgeons and traumatologists recommend its application after receiving an intervention. The qualities of argan can help heal and eliminate much of the scars that plastic surgery can leave.

    On the other hand, and as an important fact, body massages made with argan oil are increasingly in demand. Adding up the aforementioned benefits, they have a relaxing effect that other cosmetic oils hardly provide.

    Argan oil for the face

    Its effectiveness as a wrinkle treatment and in the prevention of skin aging make itArgan oil one of the ideal cosmetic oils for face care. Applying it on a daily basis, the skin of our face will be nourished by the components of the oil, while it will hydrate and soften.


    For the treatment of“Crow's feet” and around our eyes, argan oil is safe. In addition, in these areas of the face it provides very good results. Also, its restructuring properties make it a very good ally to combat wrinkles that appear near our lips.

    Being a totally natural product, argan oil helps neutralize, control and reduce the damage caused by free radicals on the skin. Lastly, the components of argan oil allow it to be absorbed quickly by the skin. Therefore, our face will not be left with uncomfortable greasy residues after its application.

    Argan oil for hair

    But the skin is not the only one that benefits from argan oil. For hair, this oil also becomes an excellent partner for products aimed at caring for our hair.

    Every day, our hair receives dust, grease and all possible external pollution. In addition, some shampoos and hair products, such as gel or hairspray, wreak havoc on hair: dandruff, split ends, and other scalp conditions.

    aplicación aceite argan cabello

    Heargan oil OmmBIO applied to hair has very satisfactory effects. For example, it helps to restore the luminosity, softness and shine of our hair. Also, it is effective in fighting dandruff and helps correct the problem of split ends.

    You don't need to have a particular hair type to use argan oil on your hair. However, the type of hair does determine the way it is applied. For example, for frizzy hair, it is ideal to avoid the frizz effect.

    Argan oil for the beard

    For men, too, argan oil has very good benefits. Especially when it comes to our beard.

    Heargan oil OmmBIO in the beard it favors its growth and its appearance in a natural way. Its composition makes argan an all-in-one oil to specifically treat this male attribute. Alone, thedesert gold It serves as a perfect mask for treating the beard. When mixed with the special beard shampoo, it will clean and protect it.

    Argan oil prevents inflammation of the pores that contain beard hair and stimulates hair follicles, enhancing their growth.

    Other uses of argan oil

    Argan is not only useful to take care of our skin, face, hair or beard. It can also have an excellent result when applied to our nails and eyelashes.

    Nails, like hair, are made of keratin. Therefore, theargan oil OmmBIO It is also recommended to strengthen fragile nails, especially if mixed with a little lemon juice. In addition to this, it softens the cuticles and restores their natural shine to the nails.

    Something similar happens with the eyelashes, we just have to avoid using lemon in this case, for obvious reasons. By applying argan oil to the lashes, we are helping to strengthen them and prevent them from falling out frequently. The oil can be applied directly or mixed with the usual mask.l.

    When it comes to medicinal purposes to treat certain diseases or skin problems, argan oil is also effective. However, we recommend consulting with a dermatologist its application for the treatment of burns, marks, scars and acne.

    The reality about cosmetic argan oil

    Some marketing techniques have been applied to increase buyers' attention to argan oil. However, not all of them coincide with reality. Next we will talk about the most important ones:

    • The slogan:the gold of the desert or the liquid gold of Morocco, is a reference to the color and origin of argan oil. Instead, some sellers have abused this slogan to raise their selling price too high.nta.
    • The most expensive oil in the world: Argan oil is priced similarly to other cosmetic oils. Actually, the most expensive oil in the world is prickly pear seed oil:discover here OmmBIO Barbarie.
    • 100 pure argan oil:: a pure argan oil does not necessarily imply that it is of good quality. The state of the raw material and the extraction method used depend on it.
    • Paraben-free argan oil: all cosmetic oils are free of parabens. Parabens are preservatives whose use is necessary in products that contain water.

    How to buy pure and quality argan oil

    Argan oil is a product in full expansion despite its wide range and the enormous benefits it can provide. However, the question that most people have when they buy argan oil for the first time is howbuy argan oil that is really pure and quality without being misled.

    There are certain characteristics such as color, smell, its ability to be absorbed by the skin, the way it is packaged and its price. Characteristics that will allow us to know if we are dealing with a reliable and proven product, such asOmmBIO essential oils.

    The doubts can even increase when we have to buy argan oil online. In this situation, it will be difficult for us to observe the characteristics before buying argan oil. However, below we explain what quality argan oil looks like.

    • Color: quality pure argan cosmetic oil is golden yellow, translucent and shiny, but of a soft hue.
    • Odor: As you might expect, the scent of cosmetic oil is a mild argan seed scent that is barely noticeable. Also, it fades shortly after being applied. This is an essential attribute to differentiate it from almond oil, which is used by other brands to adulterate the oil and make the product cheaper.
    • Absorption capacity: When a cosmetic argan oil is of quality, the skin tends to absorb it quickly and it does not leave a greasy feeling on it.
    • Packing: Argan oil typically comes in an opaque container, ensuring that it has not been affected by light. When in contact with light, the oil tends to lose its quality and its purity. OmmBIO 100 pure argan oil comes in a semi-translucent glass presentation for easy viewing and packaged in an opaque cardboard box that protects it. The dosing pipette guarantees an easy and comfortable application of the product and its maximum use..
    • Price: Argan oil is not the most expensive on the market, but it is not the cheapest either. Some rely on its growing popularity to sell it at a very high price, but this does not guarantee its quality. Also, low prices are often suspicious. It is best to compare prices and establish an average to guide you.

    Buy argan oil online

    We know that it is difficult to buy any product online, especially because of the trust and security that online stores can provide. The same happens at the time ofbuy argan oil online, with the addition that we do not know if they are really selling us the product we want.The advice we can give you in this regard is that, if you are going to buy argan oil online, do so through a reliable website, whose legal information is visible to all and offers a customer service that helps you clarify your doubts.Also, check the return policy and how you could choose it, if necessary.

    The best bio argan oil you can buy


     If what you want is to give yourself the care that your skin needs and pamper yourself as you have not done so far, we recommend theArgan Oil OmmBIO, a 100% pure oil of organic origin, for the specialized care of the skin in general and the complexion in particular. The benefits are unmatched by any other natural oil or any other artificial skin care treatment..

    Made under the strictest standards dictated by organic farming and manufactured in Morocco, theArgan Oil OmmBIO is the 100 pure and natural cosmetic oil with the best chemical properties for the care of your skin..