Prickly Pear Seed Oil - The World's Most Powerful Natural Cosmetic?

The field of natural medicine is full of alternatives to preserve and regenerate the properties of the skin. However, there is a natural oil of organic origin that is increasingly taking center stage in the fight against wrinkles and skin defects in general: it is none other thanprickly pear seed oil.

On this page you will find all the information about the organic oil of the prickly pear seeds, its origin, properties, uses, benefits and many more, so reserve five minutes of your time so you don't miss a word. Heorganic prickly pear seed oil is one of the most valued by the beauty industry, both for its biological origin and itssignificant results in the correction of wrinkles, expression marks, scars and stretch marks.


We are talking about a bio-based oil of organic origin made from seeds through a very rigorous process, which, by anticipating something, has the ability to regenerate the skin and actually slow down the aging process. If you want to know more about the benefits of prickly pear oil, we invite you to read this article and we assure you that you will be perplexed.

The curious origin of prickly pear oil

The origin of this oil will surprise you, and it is that of the diversity of existing plants, cacti are perhaps not the most striking. On the other hand, the prickly pear, the fruit of the prickly pears or prickly pear, is precisely where the tiny seeds from which this precious oil is extracted come from.

Oddly enough, this oil with healing and antioxidant properties comes from prickly pears, which are nothing more than fruit trees of the cactus family. The plant and its fruits, the prickly pear figs, are also known by the following names in the world: shovel or palera fig tree, tuna, nopal or prickly pear fig and pita.


You may be thinking that, since it comes from a cactus plant, it can be grown in any arid terrain, but nevertheless, it is not like that. Most of the crops for the manufacture ofprickly pear seed oil They come from the Mediterranean, especially from the Moroccan area, where the appropriate weather and terrain conditions exist. Even so, we must not forget that the tunas have their origin much further away, on the other side of the Atlantic.

Historical value of the prickly pear

The results of research carried out by paleontologists and historians locate the origin of the prickly pear in Central America, specifically in Mexico. It is estimated that approximately 9,000 years ago the inhabitants of this territory were already using the fruit for medicinal purposes.

The native culture of Central America used the prickly pear to treat fever, pain and inflammation. So this fruit has historically had medicinal purposes since its discovery.

With the conquest of the Spanish to America, the export of the fruit to Europe began. At that time the prickly pear was known as the name of fig de indias, referring to the name that the colonizers placed in America at that time.. 

Through this merchant process of the new world, in which many types of plants were traded from America to Europe and Africa, the expansion and planting of this cactus in the Mediterranean was propitiated, since that area shares similar climatic characteristics that benefit the cultivation Of the same.. 

How Prickly Pear Seed Oil Is Made

When it comes to the production of prickly pear seed oil, terms such as large-scale production are not common. This is because pure prickly pear oil is made under the strictest standards and procedures with characteristics that will surprise you.n.

The extraction of prickly pear seeds is a very careful process, which requires a lot of time and patience, for this reason it is not something that can be automated in a large-scale production chain. This added to the care that must be taken to work with a plant such as the cactus that can easily cause you the odd puncture.


The delicacy of the process does not end in the extraction that is carried out from the fruits, after this the seeds are worked at a low temperature in order not to cause alterations in their natural composition. The procedure is carried out in presses specifically designed for this purpose, so it is not something that can be done in any factory or place in the world.

The quantity in the production of the oil is a really impressive factor, since about 500 kilos of prickly pear are required to extract approximately 25 kilograms of seeds and with these, after the pressing process, only generate one liter of the precious product.

Prickly pear oil is valued not only for its properties and effects on the skin, but also for its cost of production, since it requires the cultivation of large hectares of cactus and a skilled labor force for its production.

Prickly Pear Seed Oil Characteristics

Few could imagine that theprickly pear seed oil possess so many really favorable characteristics. This is achieved by the nature of the plant and by the care and expertise in the preparation of the oil.

We are talking about a fruit with healing characteristics from its origin, which when distilling the oil from its seed is rich in essential fatty acids and has a high content of antioxidants. This is why prickly pear seed oil is recommended as a natural aging retardant, since it helps to slow down the cellular oxidation process.

Another of the main characteristics of prickly pear seed oil is the presence of a high percentage of vitamin E, this being one of the main chemical compounds used by the body to eliminate free radicals and consequently slow tissue aging.

A characteristic that draws a lot the attention of the aesthetic sector is that by containing a good concentration of Omega 6 essential fatty acids, this oil is a natural regenerative potential of the skin with direct benefits on the hydration process and the prevention of wrinkles.

Properties and benefits of prickly pear seed oil

After knowing the characteristics of prickly pear seed oil, we are going to discover its properties and benefits for our face, skin, hair and body in general. This is one of the sections that most excites cosmetic lovers, as the properties are truly amazing and have been scientifically proven.

First you should know that after the pressure of the prickly pear seeds, the resulting oil acquires a very fine texture and obtains a striking golden color, slightly darker than that of theArgan oil which is also marketed by OmmBIO. Thanks to its texture, prickly pear seed oil is very easily absorbed by the skin, therefore, the benefits it causes on it are much more direct and efficient.


Starting from the point that it is an oil abundant in antioxidants, we talk about the following properties:

  • Toning and elasticity of the skin. Heprickly pear seed oil It achieves that the skin acquires a smooth and silky complexion, especially preventing the appearance of spots and wrinkles.
  • Combat cell oxidation. It has a direct effect on the cells of the body, slowing down its oxidation process and consequently its aging.
  • Firms the bust. There are testimonies from people who have stated that prickly pear seed oil has helped them to firm and tone the skin at the bust level.
  • Thanks to its natural chemical characteristics it is aregenerating and moisturizing par excellence suitable for all skin types.

Uses and applications of prickly pear seed oil

As you can see, prickly pear seed oil has highly beneficial properties for our skin and you may be wondering about its use and application. Next, we will give you the most common uses and applications that are given to this oil.

Prickly pear oil is an anti-wrinkle par excellence

Its main property is the preservation of the elasticity and softness of the skin. This natural product of biological origin can be applied directly to any type of skin, as it does not present incompatibilities. It is an oil widely used in mature skin and its result is truly amazing: it eliminates expression marks, reduces wrinkles, tightens the skin, hydrates the skin and provides flexibility to our skin cells, which are nourished by it. Prickly pear seed oil is known as the natural alternative to plastic surgery for its rejuvenating and restorative capacity, as well as for the wide variety of applications it has.

It is also an effective treatment for stretch marks

As an athlete, you may be concerned about the appearance of stretch marks, especially because when exercising the muscle tends to stretch and widen, and therefore we strain the skin. This process, repeated several times, tends to generate stretch marks on the skin, especially if the person is not constant in their volume of muscle mass. With the daily application of prickly pear seed oil, the appearance of stretch marks on the skin caused by the widening of the muscles or sudden weight changes is prevented.

Women in their pregnancy process also tend to suffer a widening of skin at the level of the abdomen. After childbirth, when the skin shrinks, a high percentage of women who have just become mothers suffer with the appearance of stretch marks on their belly and hips. Prickly pear seed oil can help you, with its constant application on the skin that has undergone a great change, to prevent the appearance of postpartum stretch marks.

Helps to erase scars

It is certainly very annoying to be left with a scar on the posterior skin after a trauma, cut or surgery. And more when they are in visible places such as the face, hands, arms or legs. In the case of small scars, with the application of this prickly pear seed oil, you will be able to greatly diminish and erase the mark, in addition to returning and restoring the softness of the skin in that area.

Contributes to skin enhancement

Experts recommend its application specifically on the face, neck and bust. Well, the daily use ofprickly pear seed oil in those areas that are highly visible, it will give the skin a pleasant luminous appearance.

Its application at the level of the face is important, because it is in the face where a large number of muscles reside which allow the body to generate expressions. They are what is known as expression lines, which is where more wrinkles tend to be generated. In the same way, the neck, because it supports the weight of the head and is very flexible, has a lot of muscle mass that can tend to generate horizontal wrinkles due to the appearance of folds.

A good hair conditioner

It is known that the application of prickly pear seed oil is perfect for conditioning hair, strengthening it and giving it a shiny appearance typical of well-groomed hair.

Strengthens nails

Thanks to its high moisturizing content, it is a perfect product to strengthen nails and make them less brittle.

How to apply prickly pear seed oil

Unlike any other natural oil that is applied in large measures, prickly pear seed oil is an oil that must be applied in small amounts to the specific area to be treated. If possible, it should be used in drops and just one is enough to treat areas such as the eyelids, forehead and around the lips.

The use of prickly pear seed oil is recommended specifically at night. Mainly because it is by resting that our body fulfills the function of cell regeneration, therefore, the properties of the oil are used in a better way. In addition, it is not recommended to use it in the day and expose yourself to the sun, since it is not an oil that provides protection against UVB rays.

Guide to buying prickly pear seed oil

You may wonder why a guide is necessary to buy this product so beneficial for the skin. Because of its growing popularity and high production cost, there are those who may confuse it with a product whose name is very similar but cheaper: fig oil, but not from prickly pear seeds.

There are two alternatives at the market level, the first isprickly pear seed oil, of which we have spoken to you and the second, called macerated prickly pear oil, of lower quality. Here are the differences and characteristics of seed oil that will help you choose the correct one:

  • The production cost of prickly pear seed oil is very high: to make just one liter you need one ton of figs. Therefore, it is unlikely to find a cheap or inexpensive version.
  • The properties of macerated prickly pear oil are quite less compared to seed oil, since the former is made from the maceration of the flower and not the seed.
  • Due to its high production cost, prickly pear seed oil is usually sold in small packages of 15 to 30 ml.).
  • Check on the product label that the sole ingredient contains the following: prickly pear seed oil or prickly pear seed oil in English.).
  • In case of acquiring it via the web, consult pages that communicate the legal notices and allow you to consult the characteristics of the product by mail.

The best prickly pear seed oil you can buy

As you can see, prickly pear seed oil is one of the most reliable natural products for the treatment of the skin of the face and body. Definitely, if you want to give the appropriate care for your skin, your hair and your nails, this is one of the best options. Remember that it is a completely natural product of organic origin and that its application is compatible with all skin types. Made under the strictest standards dictated by organic farming and manufactured in Morocco, thePrickly Pear Seed Oil OmmBIO BARBARIE is the 100% pure and natural cosmetic oil with the greatest regenerative power and a superior ability to eliminate expression marks, fight wrinkles and reduce scars..